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Your Guide to Choosing a Nectar Collector for Dabbing Wax

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We want everything personalized for our convenience. So, choosing a nectar collector that suits our needs becomes crucial. When it comes to smooth dabs, nothing beats a nectar collector. It is a relatively new product, so many concentrate lovers do not fully understand it. But worry not. You will have all your answers here.

What is a Nectar Collector?


Nectar collector guide and benefits


A nectar collector (dab straw or honey straw) is a vertical dab instrument for consuming wax, oils, distillates, and other concentrates.

Heat the tip with a torch to take a dab. An electric nectar collector uses a battery-powered coil and does not need manual heating. When it is hot, dip it into your concentrate to produce vapor that you can inhale through the mouthpiece on the opposite end.

The device is designed to offer easy control. Using a dab pen that does not show the wax you inhale often results in unintentional overconsumption, and if you are new to it, you are done for the day.

Pro tip: Start with smaller amounts of wax and increase over time to determine what suits you best.

Nectar Collectors: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits?

You have access to a variety of nectar collectors. But how will you determine what you need? This guide will help you. While there are products that fuse styles, like glass and silicone, here are three common variants to choose from.

Silicone Dab Straw

It has a silicone airway with a glass or titanium dab tip. Silicone nectar collectors are affordable. They are an ideal option for beginners or budget-constrained users. They are durable and easy to maintain, although the glass tip is fragile. But the titanium tip variant is almost indestructible. Also, those seeking portability will love these.

Durability: The first thing that comes to mind is longevity. It barely gets damaged if you use titanium tips. But handle it carefully when using a glass tip.

Easy Maintenance: Its resilience makes cleaning it easy. You can twist and bend it to clean every inch.

Affordability: Silicone nectar collectors are affordable compared to the advanced models on the market.

Glass Honey Straw

It has a glass body, usually with a water chamber and different tips, such as glass, titanium, or ceramic. Concentrate users using rigs prefer replicating the experience, and a glass variant may be the perfect choice. This device sports an all-glass airway, like a dab rig. But as you know, glass is fragile, which requires careful handling. Even though most products are available with a carrying case, you still need to handle the hot tip after your session. It drastically reduces the portability advantage and can be dangerous if accidentally touched.

Design Variety: Do you want to show off your new honey straw during sessions? A glass honey straw is available in many designs, and the styles continue to evolve with time, unlike the multi-colored simple designs of silicone dab straw.

Water Chamber: Finding a water chamber in your device means you got lucky. It cools down your rips for a satisfying smooth experience.

Optimal Flavor: Glass nectar collectors are perhaps the best choice for the most flavorful rips. Silicone alters flavors, but glass does not leave an aftertaste.

Electric Nectar Collector

It runs on a battery with a distinct steel airway and a titanium, ceramic, or quartz coil. An electric nectar collector is your best bet for portability. This battery-powered vertical dabbing tool is among the newest and most popular devices for concentrate users. Its addition of a battery removes your worries about using a torch. On a 100% charge, it should last a day, given your usage frequency, of course. Your only focus will be on keeping it charged.

Convenience: No torch to heat it. Using this device is simple. Some are buttonless, needing you to only inhale for activation.

Safety: No external heating removes your worries about accidentally touching it and burning yourself.

Maintenance: Most electric nectar collectors enable disassembling the device. You can easily clean it with some isopropyl alcohol. Upon replacing the heating coil, your device will look brand new.


Since you now know the variety of products available at your disposal, you can make improved buying decisions. Consider your preferred features to get the best out of your concentrate cravings.


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