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Repairing A Burnt Coil In A Disposable Vape: Quick Fixes & Troubleshooting Tips

Posted on by Techievolve Team

Did you inhale a burnt hit and ruin your experience?

A burnt puff can take away the pleasure you sought when you touched the mouthpiece to your lips. Usually, it results from an empty disposable with nothing left for you. But what about the times you experience a burnt hit when your device is not empty?

In this blog, we will help you solve your problem so that the next disposable vape you buy online does not worry you about burnt hits.

Start by Identifying the Problem

You will find your fix. But before that, we will locate the source of the problem. Every disposable vape has a coil, battery, and an element immersed in e-juice. If it isn’t empty, a burnt hit is a sign of a malfunction. The reasons could be:

  • A damaged unit that should have failed quality control but passed can give burnt hits since unpacking.
  • Scarce amounts of e-liquid reach the heating coil, which could result from low liquid levels.
  • An over-heated coil can also produce burnt hits. It typically occurs when you inhale too many puffs without enough time gaps or when you take the device off the charger and start vaping; it is when the battery voltage is briefly at its highest.

Solving Burnt Coil Issues in a Disposable Vape

Since there are different reasons for a disposable vape to taste burnt, there also are various steps to resolve the problem.

Firstly, have a clean rag or towel ready since the process can get a little messy. Use latex gloves.

  1. Clean the Mouthpiece

Whether you bought a disposable vape online or from your store next door, it will frequently travel inside your backpack and pocket. If debris enters the mouthpiece’s chimney, it can produce undesirable hits. Inspect it and swab it using a rolled napkin or tissue.

  1. Unlock the Device

Depending on the device you have, you may disassemble it. Use a fraction of your strength to open it. Shimmy it to and fro to notice some separation. When pulling out the internal components, avoid pulling hard.

Pro tip: Remember where the pieces fit to make the reassembly easy. Avoid the temptation of detaching the wires. Also, pull out the internals as a single unit and lay them on your work desk.

  1. Confirm E-Juice Levels

You should notice a soft cotton-like material. Pat it with your finger to see if it is wet. If dry, drop a few drops of your e-juice into it until fully wet. Newer disposables offering thousands of puffs can hold plenty of e-juice

  1. Let it Soak

Once filled, let the cotton soak for a few minutes before taking a draw. You may add a little more e-juice if it soaks the previous drip.

  1. Assemble the Device

Reassemble the device once the cotton wick has soaked the liquid. Ensure proper alignment of every component before putting the mouthpiece back into place.

  1. Try Primer Draws

These are light draws to kickstart the gizmo. Primer draws let you avoid big hits right off the bat and allows you to feel the taste and aroma to check if everything’s working fine. If it feels all good, you can take bigger puffs.


how to prevent burnt hits while vaping

How to Prevent Burnt Hits?

While you can fix the burnt hit problem with the above steps, isn’t prevention better than cure? You can do a few things to prevent burnt or dry hits.

Take it Easy: You probably vape fast without realizing it. Slow down. Take smaller draws and take some time between every puff.

Count Your Puffs: Although some disposable vapes claim thousands of puffs, the count is usually based on short puffs. If you take long draws, you will have a shorter puff count than that mentioned on the device’s packaging or advertisement. Take small puffs to increase the puff count.

Avoid Overcharging: When the device’s battery spends too much voltage for the coil, you may experience a burnt taste. If your vape gives out burnt hits after charging it, take short draws without fully inhaling them for a brief period. It will deplete the battery and lessen its power output, so you get good taste and flavors.

Buy Premium Products: A dud is a device you bought and got nothing but burnt hits from the beginning. A dud can be a damaged individual item or part of a faulty batch. Choose a different brand or a more reputed vaping accessories retailer.


Final Words

There are many reasons behind a disposable vape’s popularity, such as efficiency. No refilling; just unpack it and vape away.