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The Essential Beginner's Guide To Mini Dab Rigs

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beginners guide to mini dab rigs

Dab rigs are tools, that vapers use to smoke oils, extracts, and concentrations of cannabis. A dome along with a nail makes up these rigs, which are normally made of glass and used to heat products. Heating the nail using a blowtorch makes dabbing easy. Put pressure on the concentrate and breathe in through the mouthpiece to produce fresh, flavorful herbs.

Mini dab rigs are more difficult for glass blowers to create because of their smaller size, and they differ from larger ones in a variety of ways. Many dabbers favor tiny rigs because they are more transportable and less likely to shatter or break.

This blog will tell you more about mini dab rigs and why they are so widely preferred as cannabis-consumption tools nowadays.


Mini dab rig and bong- are they similar?

mini dab rig vs bong

The simple answer is, no, they are not. Mini dab rigs and bongs are fundamentally distinct from one another because one is made for using concentration while the other is for flowers.

While some bongs available on the market feature some similar attachments, the majority will have the standard bowl piece designed to hold marijuana. If you've never used either a bong or dab rig before, it's crucial to be aware of the differences in the accessories.

The purpose of the bowl parts on bongs is to keep the marijuana while it is burned with a conventional lighter. In contrast, dab nails are designed to evaporate the concentrate when heated to very high temperatures. Typically, a torch or just an electronic heating coil is used to accomplish this heating process.

The size of dab rigs as well as bongs is another significant distinction. Although bongs can also be found in mini versions, a bong is often much larger in comparison to a dab rig, particularly a mini dab rig.


Which dab rigs should you buy?

Well, with all that information you got, you must now be thinking about getting a mini dab rig for yourself, right?! Well, hold onto the thought just a little more! Because we have got two very premium options at your disposal-

New Peak Pro

new peak pro smart rig

The all New Peak Pro is a great purchase if you're looking to dab to be quick, simple, controlled, and potent without much thought. You will likely decide to spend a lot of money on pricey glass setups and accessories if you want the complete connoisseur experience.

Once you've grown accustomed to the Peak Pro, it's possible to spruce it up by adding a wide variety of customized accessories. You may get Peak glasses in a variety of colors and with unique glass attachments.

You can also purchase a selection of handles, third-party bowl parts, and carb carbohydrates to add to your Pro's atomizers.

Bear Quartz Cycler Box

bear quartz cycler box

The Earth's crust contains the naturally occurring mineral quartz. The mineral's distinct characteristics make it ideal for dabbing tools. Despite having a similar appearance to glass, the two materials yield completely different results. Due to its dense chemical composition, quartz is incredibly strong and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Bear Quartz Cycler Box products are strong, hail from California, and are made for the sticky, honey-like consistency of terpene-filled cannabis concentrates.

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Advantages of using Mini Dab Rigs

Convenient to clean and store

The ability to disassemble dab rigs for cleaning as well as storage is a significant benefit in general. This disassembly can make little dab rigs much simpler to store, and because of their compact size, cleaning them takes much less effort.

Super portable devices

Mini dab rigs provide an exceptional amount of portability due to their small size. These dab rigs' compactness also lessens the possibility of breakage during transportation or if it comes crashing to the ground.

Easier for the pocket

As with any water pipe, the cost of a tiny dab rig might vary depending on its design and what components it is made of. However, a little dab rig will frequently be less expensive when compared to its larger equivalent that has the same features, design, and materials.

More concentrated hits

The fact that there's less space for air inside the water pipe of a tiny dab rig is one of the main advantages it has. Larger dab rigs have more capacity for water and oxygen, which makes it possible for the concentrates to be diluted.

So, this was all about mini dab rigs for today. Do check out our website to find the awesome collection of our mini dabs and other vaping accessories at super affordable prices.