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What Is A Vape Mod: Everything You Should Know About Vape Mods

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A vape mod is an electronic cigarette. It is an electronic device that simulates smoking. You can choose the parts you want for your device. You can personalize your vaping experience with your choice of batteries, coils, drip tips, and tanks. Since you can modify it, hence, the word mod.

There are various vape mods online. Each has pros and cons and requires different handling to deliver satisfactory results. They are bigger and bulkier.

Vape mods (box mods) are hi-tech and feature advanced operations. But if they are intricate, who are they for? Time to understand vape mods!

What are the Components of a Vape Mod?

Vape mods follow the same work principle. Here are the parts you will find in these devices.

  • Battery
  • Atomizer
  • Tank
  • Coils
  • E-liquid

The wick holds the e-liquid, which the battery-powered coil heats; it is the atomizer. Upon heating the e-liquid, it transforms into an aerosol, which you inhale into the lungs. Your overall experience is a result of the coils, tanks, housings, and batteries you choose.

What are the Types of Vape Mods?

The choices are many! Box mods are box-shaped units with a connection at the top to fit the vape tank. Choose your coil with the preferred resistance for enjoyable sessions.

Box mods enable controlling the voltage and wattage to customize the experience. The coil temperature increases with the wattage, producing more vapor. For some, it makes their experience better.

Excessive vapor can result from premium inbuilt batteries or sub-ohm tanks and coils with less than 1-ohm resistance. It means low battery life and high wattage.

Another box mod type is unregulated mods. They are devoid of the microchip, wattage control, and display. You may know them as mechanical mods. The batteries only supply power to the atomizer, increasing battery life.

How to Choose the Right Vape Mod?

How to Choose the Right Vape Mod

Safety comes first. While a premium vape mod should not be a problem, there have been instances of mods short-circuiting and exploding. But preventing them is easy; avoid carrying metal components in your pockets.

We recommend choosing draw-activated devices as they are safer and more efficient. Since they only activate when air flows through the sensors, they are not prone to auto-activation.

A button-operated vape mod has circuitry to prevent overheating. It cuts the power if the battery or atomizer has a problem. Although these safety features offer some degree of protection, button-operated devices still have a chance of auto-firing.

Hence, beginners should not use vape mods because it is a more expensive and advanced level of vaping.

How to Use a Vape Mod?

Vape mods give you complete control over your sessions, from wattage to temperature. The PCB chip in them draws power from the battery to operate this gadget. An LED display allows for regulating the functionality and data. Here is a step-by-step guide to using them.

Step #1: Choose a 510 Atomizer -

The device and e-juice type will determine the atomizer you choose. You will find an assortment of e-juices to choose from. Most box mod vaporizers use 510-threaded gadgets. Ensure the atomizer fits appropriately into the mod.

Step #2: Charge the Device -

Fully charge the device after buying it. You will likely get a micro-USB port to charge it. Some mods comprise removable batteries you can charge via a USB charger or universal chargers.

Step #3: Attach the Atomizer -

Place the atomizer in the mod (screw if it is applicable). Avoid tightening it too much to prevent problems.

Step #4: Turn On the Mod -

Usually, a box mod turns on when you press the button five times. The LED display or an indicator light should light up. Click five times to turn it off.

Step #5: Select the Appropriate Wattage -

Most mod devices enable wattage and temperature adjustment; one button for increasing and another for decreasing. The wattage you need will depend on the atomizer type.

Step #6: Power the Box Mod -

When all set, power the device on. The atomizer will receive electricity to heat the coils, which, in turn, will vaporize the e-liquid to create vapor.

Hold the fire button to inhale the vapor. However, holding it for too long can damage the coil. Read the user manual for more information.

Final Words

Box mods are elegant and sport various features, from adjustable settings to the scope for trying new e-juices. Choose a box mod based on your preference.