Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fake Vapes Everywhere! How To Avoid Them?

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how to avoid purchasing fake vapes

Are you an avid vaper?

In this case, you must have come across many fake products by now. Perhaps you have encountered a fake product differently, such as a pair of branded shoes available at an affordable price you could not possibly imagine..? Did you buy it because it was an opportunity you couldn’t miss, only to realize it was a counterfeit product?

Fake products pile up on the market, often making it almost impossible to determine the real. This did not spare the vaping industry either.

Vapes are relatively affordable, and most people don’t pay close attention to the products. It is exactly why plenty of fakes slip through the cracks.

How worried should you be?

Is there a way to avoid them?

Time to find out! This blog post is designed to share information on counterfeit products and how to avoid them.

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The Risks of Fake Vapes

Firstly, fake vapes are illegal. They do not have permission to use a reputable company’s trademark, but they still do, drastically increasing the risk of not containing proper nicotine information.

Many regions have restrictions on the provisioned nicotine strengths in vapes. Fake vapes may not comply with the same. A company that does not bother when breaking the law is unlikely to care about the quality or safety they offer people. Not to forget, fake vapes have many potential risks.

Health Risks: The first reason for you to avoid fake vapes is that they won’t provide you with a good experience. You will waste money and not find happiness. Also, these fake products can be dangerous.

They will most likely use low-quality batteries to cut costs. It gets worse if the battery is a used cell salvaged from a disposed device. You wouldn’t know if it is a severely degraded battery, which could be prone to overheating, catching fire, and explosion.

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User Experience Risks: Health risks are concerning, but what about poor user experience? Fake disposables are common and are low-grade copies of popular gadgets, usually disposables.

Disposable vapes have the most copies because they are closed systems, and buyers cannot see what’s inside. They may not contain a properly filled tank and fail to deliver the mentioned number of puffs. Needless to say, they won’t taste the same either.

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Ways to Identify a Fake Vape

how to identify fake vapes available in the market

The most effective way to do this is to prevent fake vapes from making their way into the market. Let’s have a look at some of the potential ways to do it.

Incorrect Nicotine Warning: Nearly all regions with vaping products have legal regulations on nicotine content. Every product is required to highlight nicotine warnings on the package. This warning looks similar on all product packaging. So, if you notice something different or notice no warning at all, you should be in doubt.

Poor Print: Product labels and packaging play an integral role in their marketing efforts. So, reputable brands consider these elements and ensure the highest quality. Fake product manufacturers do not have the original digital templates to create original products. They either scan or try recreating them, which are mostly imperfect.

If you have been buying vapes for a long time, you should easily understand that something is amiss with the print. It may look washed out or blurry.

Low-Quality Cardstock: While there are multiple ways to identify fake vapes, perhaps the easiest way is to judge them by their packaging quality. Fake vape packaging usually looks worn out even though the products look new. The reason is the same - cost-cutting. The manufacturers try to save on cardstock.

Weird Taste: A fake product is easy to identify if you have been buying the original product or from the same brand. You can tell the taste of the new product you got is not how it should be.

Whenever you have concerns about a product’s authenticity, consider how it makes you feel when using it. Address even the smallest doubt immediately.

Poor Finish: Since disposable vapes are single-use, they are affordable, and manufacturers do not spend plenty to make them. So, it is also hard to tell the difference between an original and its copy. However, keep your eyes open for misaligned parts or peeling paint. These can help.

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