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What Is An Atomizer On A Vape? Explore Its Types And Compatibility

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what is an atomizer on vape

A vaporizer is complete with an atomizer. While the device delivers the power, an atomizer is a technology that enables vaporizing the e-juice and enjoying the flavored vapor. It differs from a clearomizer and allows choosing your preferred vaping style while saving money.

The atomizer determines the flavor quality and vapor production, which any other part of your setup does not. Do you want to enjoy your vaping experience?

This blog will help you understand how to improve the quality of your sessions. Let’s dive into the details.


It is the vape device’s component responsible for vapor production for inhalation. A rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), vape tank, and vape pod serve the same purpose

  • A container for the e-juice
  • A heating element to heat the e-juice
  • A wick to transport the e-juice to the heating element

A vape setup includes the device and a compatible atomizer. A threaded atomizer allows replacing it with a new one.

What Are the Different Types of Atomizers?

mouth to lungs vs direct to lungs

Direct-to-Lung (DTL) Tank:

It has a wide mouthpiece and large airflow vents to facilitate powerful inhalation directly into the lungs. DTL tanks are responsible for massive vapor clouds and are not designed for nicotine-rich e-juice.

However, it does not compromise the vaping experience for users seeking lower nicotine strength. It is made for vapers who prefer cloud-chasing and bold flavors instead of cigarette-like hits. While a DTL tank produces enormous plumes, the throat hit is minimal because of reduced nicotine strength.

DTL atomizers typically comprise a 510 threading and fit on most vape mods and pods. When purchasing a DTL tank, ensure it operates within the tank’s recommended wattage.

Most DTL tanks demand an atomizer delivers no less than 30 watts. But sometimes, the requirement can be much higher. They should complement most bigger vape mods. Small vape pens may require an upgrade for a DTL tank.

Compatibility Check

  • High wattage requirement
  • Works with most 510-threaded vapes
  • Abundant e-juice storage
  • Produces intense flavors and massive clouds
  • Sports open airflow for deep inhaling

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Tank:

This tech is known as the tank-style atomizer, designed to support most threaded tanks and mods, and works with MTL vaping technique.

MTL vaping involves drawing the vapor into the mouth and inhaling it, unlike the direct-to-lung style. It replicates the traditional cigarette smoking method and is popular among smoker-turned-vapers and people seeking strong throat hits. It means people with a love for high nicotine strength love it.

Do you plan to buy the tank-style atomizer? Ensure the tank and device uses the same thread style. Since most of them feature the 510 thread style, it should be okay.

Also, ensure the device supports the tank’s recommended wattage levels. MTL tanks are generally less demanding and work with low wattage, so this part should be okay, too.

Compatibility Check

  • Low wattage requirement
  • Works with most 510-threaded vapes
  • Abundant e-juice storage
  • Produces refined flavors and strong throat hits
  • Have tight airflow to imitate cigarette smoking

Vape Pod

A vape pod is a complete device featuring a removable pod inside that works as the e-juice storage and atomizer.

You can remove a vape pod simply by lifting it, whereas you need to screw a traditional atomizer into the threading at the top of the device.

Vape pods are usually plastic-made, unlike glass vape tanks. But its plastic build also makes it available in various shapes instead of the old cylindrical shape.

Another advantage of vape pods is that they are disposable devices offering convenience. Although you can use them extensively, they eventually consume the pre-filled e-juice in the reservoir, resulting in flavor and vapor loss. When you feel the difference, dispose of it and get a new one. If you buy a vape pod with removable atomizer coils, you can continue using it for as long as you like. 

One of the factors to remember when choosing pod vaping systems is that they only work with the pods designed for them. They are lighter, smaller, and more convenient. Since vape mods use a threaded atomizer, you can replace the atomizer with a new one.

Pods were initially intended for beginners. So, they typically have a tight airflow and are optimized for salt-nic e-juice. However, things are a little different now. Some pods enable users to enjoy any vaping style, whether MTL or DTL techniques.

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Compatibility Check

  • Disposable
  • Suits all vaping styles
  • Compatible only with pods designed for them
  • Supports all e-juice but best for salt-nic e-juice

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA): Consider an RTA if you want to save money on replacement coils for your tank. It facilitates building coils from scratch instead of attaching pre-built coils to the tank.

You only need kanthal wire and cotton to build coils. These supplies are available in bulk and reduce your cost per coil if you make your own. Not only that, but it also lets you choose the specifications for what you build.

For those with a sub-ohm device, you can create low-resistance coils for cloud chasing. Do you have a low-powered vape pen? You may build high-resistance coils for a delightful mouth-to-lung experience. But RTAs are best suited for experienced vapers.

Compatibility Check

  • Works with most 510-threaded devices
  • Have abundant e-juice storage
  • Helps save money by building own coils
  • Wattage requirement varies by coil design

Final Words

As you may already know, an atomizer is responsible for the vaping function. So, it is essential to understand it and how it works. We hope our guide helps you choose what you need.

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